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"Living" List

Happy Sleepy Snoopy

Table of contents

Electronic devices
Clothes and bedding
Emergency equipment


Photo of several objects of the Office.
Photo of bookshelf 1 Photo of bookshelf 2 Photo of bookshelf 3
Photo of music Photo of software


Price: 1$

icon of the Virgin

Price: 1$

"Office" box

Description: Box of things related to the office.
Price: 35$
Model: Rubbermaid Snap Case 1.5 Gal #2281.
Includes: A dozen AAA batteries, stamps, elastics, checkbooks, paper clips, scotch tape, paper punch, pads of paper, ink cartridges for the printer, etc. "Limiting Container" principle.

box of documents

Description: Contains all folders and important papers. "Limiting Container" principle.
Price: 10$
Model: Staples Sterilite Black for suspended folders of Letter format.

goose-neck lamp

Description: Ordinary goose-neck lamp.
Price: 30$
Model: Boiteau Luminaire Dainolite Multi-Purpose Clamp-On Light.
Includes: Fluorescent light bulb, equivalent of 100W.


Description: All books (religion, philosophy, science, etc.).
Price: About 4000$


Description: All music CDs (mostly Bach on Naxos).
Price: about 400$


Description: All films on DVD.
Price: Approx. 60$


Description: Clamps to fix the mess of wires for the telephone, printer, laptop, etc.
Price: 4$
Quantity: 2
Model: Canadian Tire Cable-Clamp grey (smallest).


Photo of the fridge contents
Photo of the pantry contents

"Kitchen" box

Description: Ordinary objects found in a kitchen (they are put in the box only when moving).
Price: 30$
Model: Wal-Mart Rubbermaid 463K-1.
Includes: potato peeler, grapefruit knife, coffee filter holder, filters, etc. "Limiting Container" principle.

fresh veggie container

Description: A container with a mixture of fresh vegetables.
Price: 10$
Model: Canadian Tire Snapware


Description: Beautiful little bowl with lid, microwave-safe. Used to cook vegetables, eat the cereals, make omelettes, etc.
Price: 5$
Model: Canadian Tire Rubbermaid Serving-saver, #553M4


Description: Ordinary stainless-steel spoon.
Price: 1$

air conditioner

Description: An ordinary small air conditioner.
Price: 400$
Model: Sears Samsung #AW0510C.


Description: Absolutely essential for the bachelor! Economical, fast, efficient, etc. Capacity of 0.7 cubic feet is plenty. The smallest and least expensive that still has an electronic timer.
Price: 70$
Model: Sears

cutting board

Description: Plastic cutting board to cut veggies, make sandwiches, etc.
Price: 7$
Model: Canadian Tire

dish pan

Description: Used for everything except washing dishes: preparing the veggies, containing clothes, towel, and toiletries to go take a shower, etc.
Price: 6$
Model: Canadian Tire Rubbermaid 2951-C2.


Description: All ordinary food (not the emergency rations), in the fridge and the pantry.
Price: 80$
Includes: eggs, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, milk, juice, condiments, meat, tofu weiners, bread, coffee, tea, sugar, etc.


Description: An ordinary sharp knife, worth a few dollars. If you have a bigger budget, you can get a folding hunting knife, 9 cm blade.
Price: 120$
Model: Latulippe Browning #6012.

Electronic devices

Photo of the laptop, printer, phone, etc.


Description: See Which computer should I buy?.
Price: 3000$
Model: IBM Thinkpad T41.
Includes: power supply, spare battery, etc.

alarm clock

Description: These days, simply my watch and my cell phone (I set both, to be sure to wake up, even if one of them should break during the night).

surge protector

Description: See Which computer should I buy?.
Price: 80$
Model: Surge Arrest Network.


Description: Not wireless, with integrated answering machine, long handset extension.
Price: 70$
Model: Futur Shop General Electric.

MP3 player

Description: Little MP3 player, ideally with integrated FM radio, voice recorder, using one AAA battery, preferably also with built-in USB 2.0 connector, so you don't need a separate cable or adaptor.
Price: about 100$
Model: Olympus WS-700M
Includes: Includes "earplug-type" earphones.


Description: See Which computer should I buy?.
Price: 400$
Model: Futur Shop Canon BJC-85.
Includes: paper, spare ink cartridges, USB cable, power supply, color cartridge box, ink refill bottles, etc.

CD case

Description: Zippered CD case, 50 CD capacity, for music, films and software.
Price: 30$
Quantity: 2
Model: Wal-Mart CaseLogic 80 Black.


Description: Cheap little condenser microphone.
Price: 13$
Model: Radio Shack

Noise-Insulating Earphones

Description: See The Porta-Chapel.

Clothes and bedding

Photo of the closet with part of the clothes.


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 40$
Quantity: 6


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 54 $
Quantity: 6

dress shoes

Description: The "dressy-est" looking shoes that are still comfortable to walk in for hours. NEVER get leather soles: they are really dangerous!
Price: 250$
Quantity: 2 pairs
Model: Hush Puppies "MallWalker" size 13M black. Must then go to cobbler and pay him to remove the treacherously slippery soles and replace with "Vibram Gumlite" (the ones that look like backpacking boot soles). The OEM soles are really slippery: a bit of rain on the ground, a bit of snow, and bang! you're down.

leather belt

Description: Anything good looking and inexpensive.
Price: 70$
Quantity: 2
Model: Bovet


Description: Good quality shirt, as far as possible non-white (white shirts get dirty too quickly), always permanent press.
Price: 500$
Quantity: 5-7.
Model: Bovet Arrow


Description: Good classic suit (so it won't go out of fashion), 100% wool.
Price: 1000$
Quantity: 2-3
Model: Bovet


Description: Anything good looking, that ties easily, and that is the right length.
Price: 300$
Model: 5-7


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 72$
Quantity: 6


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 20$
Quantity: 6

polo shirt

Description: Anything good looking, solid and inexpensive.
Price: 150$
Quantity: 5-7


Description: Anything of good quality, neither white nor a light color.
Price: 20$
Quantity: 2


Description: Zippered water-proof rubber overboots.
Price: 50$

clean and dirty clothes bags

Description: Ordinary pillow case.
Price: 4$
Quantity: 2 (one for clean cloths, one for dirty clothes).


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 65$


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 35$


Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 7$

polar jacket

Description: Same as the "Camping" list.
Price: 76$

windbreaker (top and pants)

Description: Very simple, very light, very breathable.
Price: 120$
Model: MEC #4000-772, Spindrift anorak and Spindrift windpants #0206-110.

emergency raincoat

Description: Nylon raincoat, with top and pants, as thin and light as possible (and hence quite fragile).
Price: 110$
Model: MEC #4014-552, Torrent Rain Jacket Men's. MEC #4014-558, Torrent Pull-On Rain Pants Men's.
Includes: A new garbage bag, to protect the contents of the daypack.

integrated sheet

Description: A home built sheet, in which the self-inflating mattress is inserted, and to which the summer sleeping bag is attached.
Price: 60$
Comment. Construction Plan.

summer sleeping bag

Description: thin bag (3 cm loft), compact (6.5 L packed), not to warm (rated +10C), not cramped inside (barrel bag), synthetic insulation, easy to wash, with little clips we have to install ourselves to connect it with the integrated sheet.
Price: 60$
Model: MEC #4010-796, Caravan Sleeping Bag +10C.
Includes: Its packing bag.


Description: ordinary pillow.
Price: 5$.


Photo of the office chair, the rocking chair (and the opened "bed-desk-locker" combo).
Photo of the bike, the dolly (and the closed "bed-desk-locker" combo).
Photo of the bicycle kit

bed-desk-locker combo

Description: Little home-made marvel.
Price: 1000$
Construction plans.


Description: Anything solid and strong. I prefer to build my own.
Price: 210$
Construction plan.

secretarial chair

Description: Little office chair, with wheels, of sufficient quality.
Price: 125$

rocking chair

Description: Folding (so it won't take up too much space), comfortable rocking chair.
Price: 100$

moving boxes

Description: Since we have few objects, we don't need many moving boxes, and since the boxes are strong and transparent, we can "live in our boxes" easily.
Price: 48$
Quantity: 3-4.
Model: Wal-Mart Rubbermaid 463K-1.

bicycling kit

Description: Things needed for the bicycle.
Price: 130$
Includes: Helmet, two little LED flashers, tire repair kit, spare inner tube, telescoping pump (Crank Brothers MEC #4013-324), bicycle gloves (useful in the summer), "honest person" lock (if the bicycle requires an expensive and heavy lock, it's worth too much money), paper towel, etc.


Description: Mountain bike, with anatomical saddle, mud guards, no suspension (totally useless, heavy and fragile), "V-Brakes" (not disk brakes, since they are expensive, fragile, and cause friction even when you don't apply them), lugged tires with running surface, no luggage rack (since we put our stuff in a daypack, which we can take everywhere with us, as opposed to specialized bicycle packs).
Price: 1000$


electric hair clipper

Description: For crew-cuts. You can save hundreds of dollars a year, not to mention the time and frustration waiting for a barber.
Price: 30$

"Cleaning" box

Description: Ordinary cleaning supplies.
Price: 30$
Includes: Soaps, bleach, fly swatter, paper towels, laundry soap, toilet bowl brush, garbage bags, dishwashing soap, etc. "Limiting Container" principle.
Model: Wal-Mart Rubbermaid 463K-1.

"Medicine Cabinet" box

Description: Typical contents of a medicine cabinet. "Limiting Container" principle.
Price: 30$
Model: Rubbermaid Snap Case 1.5 Gal #2281


Description: Ordinary plastic pail.
Price: 7$
Model: Rubbermaid #2963-7


Description: Beautiful little camping mirror. Light, strong, just big enough to be used everyday.
Price: 2$
Model: Latulippe Cohglan's.

electric shaver

Description: Anything simple and effective.
Price: 100$
Model: Braun 3105.

Emergency equipment

Photo of the emergency equipment

candle lantern

Description: Something to hold candles, to avoid causing fires, but also to protect the flame against gusts.
Price: 21$
Model: MEC #0102-475, UCO Aluminium Candle Lantern.


Description: For the lantern.
Price: 8$
Quantity: 12
Model: MEC # 0102-491, UCO Lantern Candle.

water canteens

Description: Any waterproof container filled with water.
Price: 10$
Quantity: Say at least 80L.

smoke detectors

Price: 18$
Quantity: 2 (too important and not reliable enough to have only one).
Model: Canadian Tire Mastercraft, ionization type, 46-0082-6.

fire extinguisher

Description: A good A-B-C class fire extinguisher.
Price: 80$
Model: Canadian Tire Mastercraft 10lbs.

emergency food

See the "Backup Food" section in the "Food" list.

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