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O Canada, Land Of Barbarians

Salvador Dali. The Visage of War.
(Salvador Dali. The Visage of War. Source)

1) Introduction

What is a "barbarian"? When does a country begin to qualify as a "Nation of barbarians"? One of my favorite teachers says it's when the population rejects Natural Law. Barbarism leads to massive human sacrifices like the Incas, or extermination camps like the Nazis, or "legalized" rape, theft, incest, etc.

I claim Canada is now, in many ways, a country of barbarians. To begin with, as you know, anybody in Canada can kill any preborn child for any reason, from zero to nine months (minus one day). Another way of seeing this is that Canadians have now been accustomed to voting for the unvotable.

2) The two main kinds of Natural Laws

Natural Law applies to everything we see around us, including men. Some people falsly claim that, since laws like "Thou shalt not rape" can be disobeyed, whereas laws like "Stones shall not fly away" cannot, then human behavior is not subject to Natural Law. This is due to a misunderstanding. The law against rape is just as natural as the law of gravity, but the law of gravity applies to beings as material bodies, whereas the law against rape applies to bodies insofar as they are endowed with intelligence and free will. This is why "obligation" is defined as "necessity respectful of liberty".

A rock cannot start floating around in the air because it never took Morality courses in "Rock School". A rock cannot decide to become a "rebel rock" and disobey the Law of Gravity, and then be caught by the "Gravity Police" and be thrown in jail. But men can do all these things, and worse. Men can even start to wipe out the very idea of Natural Law from their hearts.

3) By definition, Natural Law is not subject to a vote

How can bad politicians encourage citizens to obliterate Natural Law? One popular way these days is to pretend that men control Natural Law, that democratic votes can somehow change this Law.

Currently in Canada we are doing exactly that. At the beginning of December 2006, Members of Parliament voted on whether to "re-open the debate on homosexual unions". What few people understand is that the very act of attempting to vote on the unvotable, whatever the results of the vote, is destroying this Country. If we lose this kind of vote, we lose, and if we win this kind of vote, we lose. But it doesn't stop there.

4) Has the Conservative Party stopped beating his wife yet?

You've all heard of the famous trick question: "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Whether you answer "Yes" or "No", you're a wife-beater. This is exactly the kind of question the Conservative Party asked Parliament:

"That this house call on the government to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions, and while respecting existing same sex marriages."
[Sources: LifeSite, 2006-Dec-01; Political Anecdote #2]

Can you imagine a Parliament that would be asked: "Should we re-open the debate on the legalization of rape, as long of course as all the rapes committed before such a date remain fully good and legal?" If a rape can be "good and legal", then the debate is over! If there really is such a thing as "homosexual marriage", then the barbarians have already won!

Moreover, the very expression of "traditional marriage" implies the same error. We defend the exclusive and indissoluble marriage between one heman and one woman, for the procreation and education of children, not because that's what we did in the past, but because that's the only true marriage, fundamental building-block of society.

5) Conclusion

What is most insulting is not that we are voting on the unvotable, or that the question proposed by the Conservative Party was tricked. What I find most insulting is the naive enthusiasm of many defenders of Natural Law. They run around with petitions and flyers, begging everybody to "put pressure on your Member of Parliament to vote against homosexual marriage", but in doing so, they perpetuate the lie that caused the fall of Canada into barbarism.

I'm not saying these people should stop loving Canada. I'm saying we should redirect all our efforts, petitions, flyers, phone calls, e-mails, etc., into educating Canadians on the authority of Natural Law and the limits of democracy. Lifting this Country out of barbarity is going to take a lot more than one pre-lost vote on an unvotable question.

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