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Christians With T-Shirts!

A Christian with a T-shirt!
A Christian with a T-shirt!

1) Introduction

What should Catholics, who are faithful to the Magisterium, do here in the Quebec Diocese, now, and how?

I will try, in this text, to give the best answer I'm capable of. Several warnings seem appropriate:

1.1) No dogma or morals here. This text does not aim to present the official teachings of the Church, but my personal opinions on a very practical topic.

1.2) Limited target audience. This text is mostly for a small group: the "hard core" Catholics.

1.3) The rest of this web site is assumed. This text is an attempt to give details about the next phase of the Action Plan described in Section #4 of "Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?". Moreover, this text doesn't make sense unless you've already spent long hours reading this whole web site.

1.4) I'm thinking out loud. Normally, when I write a text, it's because I'm under the impression that I have something to say. But this present text is an exception: I'm not sure what to do to help the Catholic Church, so I'm thinking out loud. If you have any suggestions, please tell me!

2) What is the situation?

The intensely suboptimal situation of the Catholic Church in Quebec (and as far as I can tell in 2018, not just in the Province of Quebec, but all over the World), has already been described elsewhere. See among others:

- FAQ #7: Do we really need a good inquisition in the Province of Quebec?;

- Point #3 of The Diocesan Demolition Derby;

- Etc., etc.

Enemy forces are numerous:

- By and large, mainstream media hides all good news concerning us, and fabricates anti-Catholic propaganda;

- the State (either provicially or federally) attacks families and the Faith more or less openly;

- the paganized school system tends to produce young persons who are atheists, pro-abortion, mired in ethical relativism, etc.

- Etc., etc.

Friendly forces are small, disorganized, and disappearing:

- Unfortunately, a large part of the Bishops and Priests are paralyzed by terror. Almost all the others are outright traitors;

- the various strains of Catholic heterostupidity weaken and divide the rare Catholics still faithful to the Pope;

- the mechanisms whereby we should obtain new friendly forces (traditional families generously open to life, good Catechesis, orthodox seminaries, vibrant parishes, etc.) have been severely damaged or outright co-opted by the Enemy.

3) What is our mission?

Our mission is to re-evangelize the World.

I repeat, our mission is to re-evangelize the World.

4) How NOT to go about doing this?

I'm not sure what we should do to accomplish our mission, but I think we can already eliminate several approaches that would be doomed to fail:

4.1) Expect any help from an anti-Pope or Protestant Bishops. By definition, anti-Popes and Protestant Bishops want to kill the Catholic Church, so we must not depend on them to solve the problem.

4.2) Start up yet another association/third order/group/personal prelature. The Church in Quebec doesn't lack associations and groups of all kinds. On the contrary, in my opinion, there are too many, and they are scattered, poorly coordinated, underfinanced, etc. Moreover, I want to avoid Microscopic Incestuous Deforestation.

4.3) Cut ourselves off from everybody else, supposedly to concentrate on "our spiritual life". Of course, the soul of our apostolate must be our interior life! But first of all, we don't need to start up another such association. Moreover, as far as I know, no existing group, by its nature or character, can do what needs to be done.

4.4) Daydream about all the good we would do if we had lots of money and supporters. If we had lots of money, or many supporters, we wouldn't have a problem. Imagine if all the faithful were very Catholic and faithful to the Magisterium. We'd immediately stop giving money to the Diocese's parishes, we'd "import" good young Priests, we'd build our own churches, and we'd have our good Masses and Sacraments! Even if the local Bishop condemned us, we'd appeal to Rome, and we'd win! But we have to remain in contact with reality, and do what we can, while asking God to do the rest.

4.5) Cut ourselves off from Rome. We won't even talk about it! It's out of the question! On the contrary, we have to do everything we can to remain faithful to the Pope (insofar as he really is the Pope, that he is himself in communion with Christ), and to our diocesan Bishop (insofar as he is himself in communion with Rome).

Etc., etc. (see Section #3 of Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?)

5) How should be execute our mission?

I continue to think that, by and large, the attack plan described in #4 of "Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?" is acceptable. We have an excellent "product" (Jesus, the official teachings of the Church, etc.). All we need is a bit of marketing!

So, given all of the above, and my poor little brain which doesn't have any brilliant ideas, I think the next step could be to gather a half-dozen men, make them all put on the same T-shirt, and go hand out leaflets in strategic locations, as a group.

First of all, we'd need to meet to write up these leaflets together, then get the Imprimatur for them, if possible. Indeed, the success of our approach would depend a lot on the quality of these leaflets. They must be compelling, doctrinally sound, a bit "provocative" or at least original, and totally adapted to their target audience.

To start the discussion on this idea, we could hand out leaflets which would look like the following, at the locations and with the T-shirts specified. But be careful! In my opinion, none of these T-shirts or texts would be acceptable as is! I'm mostly trying to strike our brains together like flintstones, to make sparks fly!



At the entrance of the Valcartier military base.


Christ, Hostie, Tabernacle (French only, because Quebecers use religious "four letter words")
The Vietnam War And The Ten Commandments
Etc., etc.



At the back of churches, after Sunday Mass.


Merry Christmas (Well, something to promote the Catechism of the Catholic Church)
Overview of the "Redemptionis Sacramentum" Instruction
Etc., etc.



At the entrance of Laval University and local High schools.


The Philosopher's Glove
A Reading List For Atheists
Etc., etc.

Currently, my best attempt at implementing these flyers is the Love Tube.

Other ideas:

- Hand out leaflets about Courage (www.couragerc.org) near Quebec's sodomite bar (at a legally sufficient distance);

- Put on a T-shirt of the Christian Heritage Party (www.chp-quebec.ca) and go hand out leaflets against abortion or against political cynicism at the entrance of shopping malls;

- Etc., etc...

Also, if some people start arguing against us, just invite them to a public debate on that issue, a debate which would occur either by e-mail or in person.

6) Conclusion

Little by little, leaflet by leaflet, handshake by handshake, we could increase the size of our group. We'd be a bit like a wise businessman who invests what little money he has, makes a bit of honest profit, reinvests his profit, and so on until he becomes rich! As Uncle Bob used to say: "Information motivates the remnant, the leader unites the motivated, union gives force, force buys the media, good media educate, education changes the world".

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