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9) Why not just change Churches?


If the Catholic Church is in such a sad state, if "Peter's ship" is full of holes and taking in water, why not just leave?

First of all, I can't change Churches, since God only founded one single Church, which is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, governed by the Vicar of Jesus here on Earth, the Pope. "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life" [Jn 6:68]. We believe that this one true religion subsists in the Catholic and Apostolic Church, to which the Lord Jesus committed the duty of spreading it abroad among all men." [Dignitatis Humanae, #1].

Moreover, even if the Catholic Church can be violently attacked from the outside and the inside, She cannot be destroyed, since Almighty God protects Her. The Church is built on a lasting foundation: "the twelve apostles of the Lamb" [Ap 21:14]. She is indestructible [Mt 16:18]. She is upheld infallibly in the truth: Christ governs her through Peter and the other apostles, who are present in their successors, the Pope and the college of bishops." [CCC, #869]. As Blaise Pascal used to say: "There is a pleasure in being in a ship beaten about by a storm, when we are sure that it will not founder" [Pensées, #859].

The Catholic Church has its problems as we speak, but we can fight with joy and confidence, since Jesus has already overcome the world! [Jn 16:33]. On the other hand, it's not because we have to avoid despair, that we must fall into overconfidence!

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