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Some Political Anecdotes

Salvador Dali. Raphaelesque Head Exploding.
Without political memory, our head (and our Country) will explode.
(Salvador Dali. Raphaelesque Head Exploding. Source)


Political prudence requires memory. We must remember what worked, what didn't work, in what circumstances, etc.

I decided to remove such anecdotes from my other articles, and concentrate them here, because:

- The same disclaimer applies to all: Anecdotes are not Political Science.
- If you live in France instead of Quebec City, or if you live in 2020 instead of 2007, such anecdotes can be less interesting.
- I often make mistakes, and other readers often add new points of information, so these anecdotes tend to be updated more frequently than the articles containing political lessons learnt from them.
- I must add many references and hyperlinks (to show I'm not making up these anecdotes), but hyperlinks tend to "rot".

1) The Conservative Party of Canada discourages (forbids?) its members to make written commitments

Apparently, the Conservative Party of Canada discourages (forbids?) its members to answer written questionaires to know whether they are yes or no pro-life, pro-marriage, etc.
[Source: Canadian BlogBursts Focus on Tories For Ordering Candidates to Refuse Questionnaires]

Also, toward the end of November 2006, a group of people in favor of real marriage asked me to participate in a meeting with our current federal member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Luc Harvey. (Having already met him myself at the end of December 2005, I knew he was pro-abortion and pro-sodomy, and that he had refused to publicly and in writing give his position on those topics.) When I was told that "Mr. Harvey had changed" and that "he's now on our side", I expressed some doubts. "Can I come to your meeting, and ask him to sign a declaration about this?", I asked. The meeting's organizer told me: "No, that is out of the question!" And of course, Mr. Harvey carefully avoided making a written commitment during that meeting! What was even funnier is that I spoke with Mr. Warren Murray a few days later, and he told me the story about his federal MP, many years ago. This MP was also in the Conservative Party, and she had led their pro-life group to believe that she was "on their side". This MP later on that evening slipped out when they opened the doors to let the journalists in. Of course, when the vote came, this MP voted for abortion!

2) The fiasco on the re-opening of the debate about C-38

The Conservative Party of Canada had promised there would be a vote for the re-opening of the C-38 Act which "legalizes" homosexual "marriage". According to me, it was pure political manipulation, without the slightest intention of making a real effort to defend true marriage.
Canada Government Bid to Reopen debate on Homosexual "Marriage" Defeated 175 to 123, 2006-Dec-07;
Canada's PM Won't Try Again on Marriage and has No Plan to Protect Religious Freedom, 2006-Dec-07]

What is worse is that many Christians, well-intentioned but lacking in judgment, jumped on board, and contributed to the dissemination of the fundamental error according to which Natural Law would be subject to a human will.

These people even continued their delirium to the point of congratulating themselves for their efforts, while promoting the kind of politicians that have contributed to this disaster! In an e-mail of 2006-dec-08 called ĞRE: Vote on the motion on marriage, a victory hidden behind a defeat!", Mr. Louis DeSerres from www.preservemariage.ca said (my translation):

When the vote was announced, I had a joyful heart because of what we had accomplished together.

You only managed to lose the vote, and sink people into error even more!

[...] Here is the list of MP's who deserve [...] all our support during the next federal elections [...]

And the real pro-life candidates? Some of the people you're asking us to support aren't even pro-life! Nor publicly in favor of true marriage!

Your efforts have placed the child at the center of the debate on marriage.

No, they placed the vote at the center of the debate. If you had spent all this time and all those efforts educating people on the fact we cannot vote on Natural Law, but only open our eyes to see it, then the fact we "lost" this unwinnable vote wouldn't have caused so much damage, and the Prime Minister couldn't have said: "OK, it's all over, we won't talk about this anymore", as he just did!

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