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FAQ for the OSThoPhiT

1) What is the "OSThoPhiT"?

Please see "Catholic Philosophers, What Have We Done With Our Baptism?".

2) What can I do to help the OSThoPhiT?

Here are a few suggestions:

2.1) Send your e-mail address to the Interim Project Manager, so you can receive the OSThoPhiT Newsletter.

2.2) Send a hyperlink to the Initial Project Vision to your philosopher friends.

2.3) Check out the current status of the Project (see FAQ #3 below), and see if there is something specific you can do to help create the OSThoPhiT.

Thanks for your participation!

3) What is the current status of the OSThoPhiT Project?

Currently (Summer 2005), we are at steps 4.1 and 4.2 of the project process (see Section 4, in the Initial Project Vision). So a really nice thing you can do is to send me your answers to the following questions:

3.1) Do you know of any project similar to the OSThoPhiT?

3.2) What is your current favorite Philosophy textbook?

3.3) Roughly speaking, where does your current favorite rank in the Draft List of best existing Philosophy textbooks?

Once these steps will be finished, we'll move on to the steps of improving our criteria, and ranking the existing textbooks.

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