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Newsletters of the OSThoPhiT Project

The "OSThoPhiT Newsletter" is an e-mail update sent out to parties interested in the project described in " Catholic Philosophers, What Have We Done With Our Baptism?".

(Technical Note: I use the "Blind C.C." feature of Microsoft Outlook to hide the e-mail addresses in the Newsletter's "TO" list, in order to help protect the privacy of recipients.)

(First Newsletter; Not sent yet)

Things To Do:


X) Normally, we should get back a bunch of answers like: "That exists already, see XYZ". Check out if it's true! This could spare us a lot of unnecessary work!

X) Send the first Newsletter!

Things Done:


1) Sent e-mails to the following persons and associations:


abbé Jacques Olivier (www.salve-regina.com)

American Catholic Philosophical Association (acpa (at sign) fordham.edu)

Arnaud Dumouch (docteurangelique.free.fr/index.html)

Canadian Philosophical Association (www.acpcpa.ca)

Chris Howard (www.non-contradiction.com)

Grand Portail Thomas d'Aquin (www.thomas-d-aquin.com)

John Haldane (www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~jjh1/)

Père Bernard Holzer

Père François Pouliot

Revue Thomiste (www.dominicains.com)

Société de Philosophie du Québec (www.unites.uqam.ca/spq/)

Société Philosophique de Québec (www.fp.ulaval.ca/spq/)

The Thomist (www.thomist.org)

Thomas Ryan Stone (www.epistemelinks.com)

William Sweet (iago.stfx.ca/people/wsweet/wsweet.html)


Jonathan Dolhenty (www.radicalacademy.com)

 István Berkeley (www.louisiana.edu/Academic/LiberalArts/PHIL/philosop.html)


Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education

Père Télesphore Gagnon, p.s.s. (www.gsdm.qc.ca)

2) Continued to fill up the list of existing manuals.

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