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If Paul Martin Is A Catholic, Is The Pope The Antichrist?

John Ruskin. Cascade de la Folie, Chamonix.
(John Ruskin. Cascade de la Folie, Chamonix. Source)

Note: This text contains some criticisms of my superiors. If this seems inappropriate, please see: "Should a Catholic Publicly Criticize Some Decisions Taken By His Superiors?".

1) Introduction

Either Mr. Paul Martin is not a Catholic, or if he is, then the Catholic religion is a horrible lie and the Pope is an enemy of mankind.

Why do I say this?

As I write (July 2005), Mr. Paul Martin is the Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Martin claims he is a Catholic, and his Bishop (Monsignor Marcel Gervais of the Ottawa Diocese) publicly agrees with him.

The problem is that Mr. Martin also supports abortion on demand and same-sex unions, two positions which are totally incompatible with both Natural Law and the Catholic Faith.

2) The validity of the dilemma depends on the information at my disposal

In this text, I'm assuming that the four following propositions are true. I do try to give references, but apart from Proposition #2.3, I mostly depend on the journalists who provide this information (i.e. I don't have first-hand knowledge):

2.1) Paul Martin claims he is a Catholic. See among others the articles quoted in point #2.4 below.

2.2) Paul Martin supports abortion and same-sex unions. Mr. Martin has often publicly repeated this support. He is also responsible for forcing through Bill C-38 on same-sex unions, even preventing his own cabinet members from voting according to their conscience.

2.3) The Catholic Church condemns abortion and same-sex unions. Please see among others what the Church teaches about abortion and same-sex unions.

2.4) The Catholic Church appears to claim Paul Martin is a Catholic. See among others: "Gay «Marriage» Pushing Prime Minister's Catholic Bishop Still Believes He's a «Faithful» Catholic", and "Gervais refuses to refuse communion". At no point of time has Monsignor Gervais hinted that Mr. Paul Martin was excommunicated, and (with one exception, Bishop Henry of Calgary) neither have any of his collegues nor the Pope.

3) What appears to me as the logical consequence

Assuming the four propositions above are true, then in my opinion what logically follows is that the Pope is the Antichrist, or at least a very bad person.

If abortion and same-sex unions are good, then the Catholic Church is responsible for an enormous amount of pain and suffering in this world. For example, women who should be liberated from unwanted pregnancies would be in a way tortured by the Pope and all Priests who agreed with him, since they try to prevent women from having access to abortion.

But if abortion and same-sex unions are bad, then the Catholic Church is also responsible for an enormous amount of pain and suffering in this world. For example, mothers and their children who should be protected from the abominable crime of abortion are in fact encouraged to go down that dark and bloody road. They are encouraged to go down that road, since the Pope doesn't excommunicate a very powerful and very public person who claims that road is a "perfectly good and Catholic road".

Either way, the Catholic Church is in big trouble if it doesn't do something in a hurry.

4) Canada's own "Bloody Trio"

Catholics can't hide their heads in the sand forever. For the past thirty years or so, Canada has been under violent attack by its own Prime Ministers like Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin. This Bloody Trio is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of unborn children. This Bloody Trio has always claimed to be Catholic.

And, to the eternal shame of most Canadian Bishops, the hierarchy of the Church in Canada has never claimed otherwise...

5) Conclusion

Is Paul Martin a Catholic? Based on my understanding of the official teachings of the Catholic Church, Paul Martin was excommunicated latae sententiae (automatically) the second he decided to obstinately believe in the Right-To-Murder heresy. Is the Pope the Antichrist? Well, if he is, I'm out of here in a hurry! Seriously, I don't think so. Is Monsignor Marcel Gervais a traitor and a heretic? Well, it's a nice sunny day, and so far today, I've been able to keep myself mostly out of trouble. Let's go say a Rosary together!

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