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Why Not A "Generic" Catholic Election Platform?

Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Allegory of Good Government: Effects of  Good Government in the City.
(Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Allegory of Good Government: Effects of Good Government in the City. Source)

1) Introduction

I'm a newbie at Politics, so forgive me if my question seems silly: "Is there such a thing as a Generic Catholic Election Platform?"

I ask this because I recently tried to get elected in Canada, and some buddies of mine are thinking about trying to get elected in the Province of Quebec. In both cases, the political party is inspired by Christian principles, but there is apparently no attempt to exploit the commonality between the two.

2) Some advantages of a "Generic" Catholic Platform

Here are a few:

2.1) Jesus Christ doesn't belong to any single political party. Christian principles, insofar as they are also knowable by right reason, have their place in Politics. But there is always the risk of "highjacking Jesus" for a single party, whereas it's the exact opposite which is appropriate. Good Christian principles should be the breath of life of all political parties and all politicians. Gathering them in a Generic Platform and offering them to everybody, without conditions or restrictions, would emphasize the non-partisan and universal character of Christian principles.

2.2) Easier voter education. To have a healthy democracy, all voters need to vote, but they also need to examine all the policies of all the political parties! Currently, this can represent a staggering amount of intellectual labor. This often leaves us with the appearances of a democracy, without the substance. By "pulling out" as much common material as possible, and by presenting it in the same order, the intellectual effort required to make a learned choice can be greatly reduced.

2.3) Good place to accumulate political wisdom. Ideally, a Political Science student should be able to do his whole university course just by reading this Generic Platform, since it would contain so many references to good books on the Economy, Health Care, Democracy, Government Organization, etc. Any politician who discovered something potentially useful to everybody could contribute his "best practices" to this common repository.

2.4) "Brand Recognition". Any political party, anywhere in Canada or anywhere in the world, would immediately gain credibility and notoriety by basing its platform on the Generic Christian Platform. This would greatly help small "start-up" Christian parties surrounded by large, rich, and well-known Pagan and Atheistic parties.

2.5) Freedom to extend. The Generic Platform would not give any details, names, places, figures, etc. It would stick to what is really common, and leave each national and provincial party fill in what is appropriate.

2.6) Reduction in translation costs. If well done, this Generic Platform could be used in many countries, and therefore potentially translated into French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. (Just here in Canada the savings would be quite interesting.)

Etc., etc.

3) Fundamental orientation and main themes

You can read a few of my ideas concerning the general orientation and the main themes of this electoral platform, in Sections 2 and 3 of:

The World Needs A New Catholic Political Party

4) Conclusion

Read on and participate!

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