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How To Put Your Political Foot In Your Mouth

Big foot, meet big mouth

1) Introduction

Political candidates are often told to "avoid making rash comments", to "avoid insulting minorities", to "avoid misrepresenting your party's official position", etc. In other words, they are told to avoid putting their foot in their mouth.

I think all of the above advice is very sound, but I would add more items to the list of expressions you should avoid during an electoral campaign (and actually, during any time you open your mouth!).

2) "Our values!"

Do yourself a favor and eliminate the expression "our values". Good politicians don't have any values.
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3) "Traditional marriage!"

If marriage between one heman and one woman is only a tradition, then there is nothing wrong with sodomites wanting to get married. You must defend real marriage.
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4) "I believe!"

Why do you repeat "I believe!" so often when doing Politics? Why don't you make an effort to be more specific? You have many choices, like "I know!", or "I think!", or even "I don't know!"
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5) "Bible-based laws!"

The Bible contains many laws, some strictly religious, some knowable also by reason unaided by Faith (like the Ten Commandments, etc.). You must defend laws based both on the Bible and reason.
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6) "The rights of our conscience/religion!"

If any and all consciences have "rights", then we would have to respect Adolf Hitler's conscience, and let him build concentration camps. If all religions really were respectable, then there would be nothing wrong with Female Genital Mutilation, or wife-beating, or "honor" killings, or killing "infidels", etc. Only tyrannical governments try to force citizens to commit criminal acts. Don't try to carve out silly exceptions for your conscience. Attack the tyranny and the criminal acts!
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7) Conclusion

Politics is slippery enough as it is. Don't make things worse for yourself. As Red Green, our National Hero, might say: "Keep your feet on the ice!"

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