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Girl, Are You A Puppet Of The Media?

Girl, Are You A Puppet Of The Media?
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1) Introduction

I've met several angry and incensed women following the excommunications declared by Monsignor Josť Cardoso Sobrinho, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife (Brazil), concerning a 9 year-old girl who got an abortion because she was pregnant with twins, after having been repeatedly raped by her stepfather.

Madam, allow me one question: are you incensed and angry for good reasons, or because you are a puppet of the Media? Is your position really your position, or has someone pulled strings to put you in that position? Do you stand on your own feet, or are you somebody's toy?

2) Let's play with scissors!

How do you know if you're a puppet? Good question. Let's try something: I'll try to cut some of your strings, then you can try to cut some of mine!

2.1) "This Brazilian Bishop is inhuman and sadistic!" If you went to a restaurant, and the steak was not well cooked, would you scream insults to the poor waitress? Did she cook that steak?

What about this Brazilian Bishop? Did he "cook the steak", or did he just bring it to your table? The Catholic Church "Rulebook" is called the Code of Canon Law, and it stipulates automatic excommunication for abortion. Even if that Bishop had said nothing, the excommunications would still have occured! So if somebody is "inhumane and sadistic", it's the Pope and the whole Church, not just one Bishop!

Now Madam, you should say: "Ah yes, really?" After all, you don't want to cut one string of lies, and then be reattached to another string of lies! You can check for yourself what I'm saying by clicking this hyperlink: Canon 1398. (That's the Code of Canon Law, on the official Vatican web site. Also, the doctor and the parents were excommunicated, not the little girl herself. See the declarations of the aforementioned Bishop [broken link: www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/mar/09030601.html].)

2.2) "This poor 9 year-old girl was going to die!" Honestly, I don't know. I've never been to Brazil, I haven't found a medical report on the Internet, etc. Do you have any scientific and medical information about this?

On the other hand, what I do know is that if the mother is going to die, then so is the baby! (Of course, if the pregnancy is fairly advanced, a simple Cesarean section can save the mother and the child.) Does the Catholic Church excommunicate people who try to save a mother's life? Of course not! There is such a thing as a real, medical condition where both the mother and child will die, if nothing is done. A typical example is an ectopic pregnancy.

So is this yet another string of lies I'm trying to attach you with? You can verify everything I'm saying by carefully reading this article: Abortion, and Ectopic Words.

But what about this Brazilian girl? I've heard some rumors claiming she was not in any specific danger, that she was treated kindly by her Parish Priest, and that medically she could have born her children (here here [broken link: www.arquidioceseolindarecife.org.br/notaoficial.htm], here). Please tell me if you have better sources of information.

2.3) "The bloody Catholic Church should get Her rosaries out of women's ovaries!" Have you ever wondered why so many journalists insist on talking about these excommunications? After all, who cares? The pro-choicers? Certainly not! All pro-choicers claim abortion is the decision of a woman and her doctor, not of some religious leader. (Whether he be in Rome, Saudi Arabia, or on Planet Jupiter while you're at it!)

But what about pro-lifers? All the pro-lifers I know would agree you need a debate on abortion, not on excommunication! Moreover, did you know that the Catholic Church Herself claims that the moral judgment She makes on abortion can be justified without using any religious beliefs? (See the ex cathedra declaration of Pope John Paul II in Evangelium vitae, #62: "this doctrine is based on Natural Law".)

Why do so many journalists insist on dragging this debate onto the playing field of Faith, while Catholics are twiddling their thumbs on the playing field of Reason?

2.4) "Why bother re-opening the debate on abortion? Christians can't argue rationally anyway!" Is that true? Did you know that in Canada, there never has been a real debate on abortion? Moreover, a real debate (i.e. a public, constructive, respectful, documented debate) requires certain conditions, especially for such an "explosive" topic as abortion! It's just like a hockey game: you can't have a hockey game inside a phone booth. But many journalists incessantly try to cram the issue of abortion into the equivalent of a phone booth!

You know what a phone booth is, and you know what a skating rink is, but could you describe the absolutely necessary conditions for any constructive and respectful debate? (If you don't know what to answer, you can find several clues in: Abortion: Have We Done Our Homework?)

3) Conclusion

Don't be afraid of scissors, Madam. You're old enough to stand on your own feet.

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