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Clean Knives But Infected Brains

Bloody knife

The Quebec Government's Bill 34 requires that, starting September 30th 2009, private abortuaries respect certain minimal standards of security, among others concerning the sterilization of surgical equipment.

It's of course very praiseworthy to protect the health of mothers. On the other hand, clean knives are just as deadly for babies as infected knives.

What? You say I'm exaggerating, that killing babies is illegal in Canada? Poor you, your brain is infected. Go read the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling in 1988: a baby can breath and move all it wants, but if his left foot is still in the birth canal, the Supreme Court claims it's not a human person.

Courtesy California Pro Life Council
Pictured is a baby at Week 17 in utero:
The baby begins to have dream (REM) sleep.
(Source: Courtesy California Pro Life Council)

In Canada, anybody can kill any child for any reason, from conception until the last part comes out (excluding the umbilical cord and the placenta). Don't take my word for it, go talk to any lawyer who knows Canada's Criminal Code.

What? You say I'm exaggerating, that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body? Poor you, your brain is infected. How do we know if something is part of a woman's body? Three clues: (1) each cell has the same genetic code; (2) the same blood circulates everywhere; (3) each component collaborates for the same end (keeping this woman alive).

What about the "thing-a-ma-jig" inside the pregnant woman's belly? (1) The genetic code isn't the same (it's a mix between the father's and the mother's); (2) the same blood doesn't circulate (the placenta establishes a barrier between the two, and often the baby doesn't have the same blood group as the mother); (3) the components have different ends (what grows inside the uterus doesn't become a kidney or a lung of the mother, but a baby). Don't take my word for it, go talk to any biologist.

What? You say I'm exaggerating, that I have no pity for the poor little 13 year-old girls raped by their fathers? Poor you, your brain is infected. First, since when does a baby have less human dignity when its father is a criminal? Second, in the Province of Quebec, between 30% and 42% of unborn children are aborted (the vast majority by mothers over 19). The famous 13 year-old girl raped by her father can't carry that whole burden all by herself!

What? You say I'm exaggerating, that it's out of the question to re-open the debate on abortion? Poor you, your brain is infected. There never has been a democratic and rigorous debate on abortion in this country. Don't take my word for it: go look for traces of such a debate, you won't find any.

In conclusion, don't let the Government's clean knives infect your brain!

Originally published in Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, 2009-Aug-19.

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