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The Provincial Election In Quebec

No ongoing provincial elections

Note: This page IS NOT AUTHORIZED, neither by the Leaders of the political parties in Quebec, nor by the Directeur Général des élections du Québec. It's a pure personal initiative, to try to make life easier for voters.

1) How To Vote

1.1) Find out you riding.

1.2) Check out all the election platforms.

1.3) Check out all the candidates in your riding.

1.4) Try to choose the best candidate, for the Common Good (not for your wallet, or because of your predjudices, etc.). A good tip is to ask the most important question you can think of, to all your candidates, like Open Letter To Candidates In Jean-Talon.

1.5) Offer your help. Running a political campaign is a thankless job. As we speak, your favorite candidate is probably short on money, on time and on support. Find a bit of spare time in the coming weeks, and go offer that time to your favorite candidate.

1.6) Go vote.

2) List of candidates and potential candidates

All other political parties in Quebec (and independant candidates) are welcom to send me their information and I'll post it here. It's nice to have one central list for everybody! It also makes life easier for voters.

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