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Recent Additions In 2022


Minor changes:
I continue to read as carefully as possible the beautiful Overview of Philosophy by the good Father Thonnard (I'm at §1023 today). While I'm in there, I also make small fixes, mostly into the hyperlinks pointing into his Overview of the History of Philosophy. I'm also mulling the possibility of shoving both books through "DeepL" or something, then hopefully not having much reviewing work to produce a tolerable English translation. (The History of Philosophy has been translated, but it's an older less complete version. As far as I know, the "Overview of Philosophy" has never been translated. Also, by translating them myself, I would be able to just give them away for free without fear of copyrights.)


Minor changes:
Added a paragraph to my Preface to the Précis de philosophie (I had forgotten his Excerpts from Great Philosophers).

Added a Post-Scriptum to my correspondence with Monsieur X4.


Minor changes:
A few years ago (about 2007), I had started trying to improve Thonnard's chapter on International Morality. (mostly only the first paragraph). I moved those changes into footnotes, and put back the orginal text.


Minor changes:
Silly me... Thonnard already has a very long list of Philosophy Textbooks in his own Philosophy Textbook, so referred to that list from inside my OSThoPhiT: List of Existing Textbooks


Sorry, I haven't been writing much. That being said, I still really enjoy the meme compilations of Ann Barnhardt There are over thirty such pages on her web site!
I also appreciated her two recent articles on Queen Elizabeth II:
Incredibly Sad, Blunt Words on Queen Elizabeth II
Expansion on the Queen Elizabeth Piece: The World Has Been Conditioned To Accept That Their Visible Leaders Have No Actual Authority (cough, Biden, cough)

Mutual Masturbation or Contraception?
Minor changes:
Only on French side, replaced «contraceptif» with «anti-conceptionnel» which had found their way into some articles.
Pointed to the new article from The Birth-Control Pill: A Excellent Way Of Converting Pagans to Catholicism! (and cleaned up some old HTML while I was there)


Minor changes:
Fixed many of my numbering errors in the footnotes of Thonnard's Overview of Philosophy.


I went to visit my old pro-life web site, www.proviequebec.ca which I had entrusted to a young pro-life Catholic couple, after Marie-Claude passed away, with the request that they at least conserve the archives of previous year's Life Chains. I was disappointed, so I'm putting back the old copy here:
Archived web site of www.proviequebec.ca
Minor modifications following this addition, in A Few Software Rules For This Web Site


The Second Finger In The Eye Of SCOTUS


Tried to remove a few typos from my copy of the Neo-Vulgate, among others those in the «List of Nova Vulgata Typographical Errors in the edition at the vatican.va website»


Correspondence with Health Canada (Ivermectin package blocked by Police State)

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