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Open Letter To The Quebec Diocese Concerning Anti-Christian Racism

(Translated from the French original by the author)

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From: Stefan Jetchick
Sent: 12 octobre 2007 11:18
To: communications (ajouter «arobas» ici) diocesequebec.qc.ca;
diocese (ajouter «arobas» ici) diocesequebec.qc.ca;
pastoralequebec (ajouter «arobas» ici) diocesequebec.qc.ca;
srhp (ajouter «arobas» ici) diocesequebec.qc.ca
Subject: Réaction officielle du diocèse face au racisme anti-chrétien?

Good day,

I see no mention on the web site of the diocese
of the events of October 7, 2007.

Shouldn't a demonstration of anti-Christian racism be a
subject of concern for the Diocese? Shouldn't
we talk about it? There were signs with "Death to Jesus"
written on them, and flyers where we can see a Catholic
Priest being kicked below the belt.

Shouldn't the Communications Service of the Diocese talk
about this? Shouldn't there be a lawsuit before the
Human Rights Tribunal?

All the information is quite visible to everybody:

	The Quebec City Life Chain (2007-October-07)

Will the Diocese cover this up? Will the Diocese make a little
effort to defend the rights of Christians?

At least a tiny little Press Release condemning the anti-Christian
actions, and asking the authorities (police and courts) to react
as they should in a democratic and pluralist society!

Thanks for answering!

Stefan Jetchick

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