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Everybody with Peter, to Jesus, by Mary

This web site wishes to defend the divine doctrine of Jesus Christ, as transmitted by the official teachings of His Church; while remaining in full communion with the Pope and our diocesan Bishop; and finally, to defend this doctrine in a legal, moral and rational way [1P 3:15-16].

Other good sites and books defend Catholicism. But we first target Quebec where our Mother the Church is an abused woman, sometimes abused by some of Her own leaders (Deacons, Priests, Bishops, etc.). Those leaders hurt the Church mostly by not defending some teachings, thereby causing enormous harm to all.

The Catholic Church cannot be destroyed, since Almighty God protects Her. Nevertheless, we claim Quebec needs an ecclesiastical enquiry to discover the few bad religious leaders who are hidden inside the Church. Despite some despicable past abuses, and the current negative connotations of the word, the correct English term for such an enquiry is "inquisition". A good and joyful inquisition would let the Church refocus itself on Jesus-Eucharist, "source and summit of the whole Christian life" [Lumen Gentium, #11].

Are you Catholic? We suggest you avoid limiting yourself to prayer, but publicly assert that you love your Mother, the Catholic Church. Are you non-Catholic? We also have reading suggestions for you.

Jesus-Eucharist. Kaspar Schleibner. München, 1928.

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