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Open Letter To The CRC By Father François Pouliot, O.P.

Saint Dominic Fr. François Pouliot, O.P.

Note: This letter relates to the document published by the CRC in 2006. My translation from the French original.

Quebec City, May 17 2006

Mr. Alain Ambeault, c.s.v
President of the CRC

This letter is to dissociate myself from the document titled "Regard sur notre Église" published by the CRC.

There is a will to present the document as coming from all of the religious communities in Canada (the introduction mentions that "...your brothers and sisters of the religious congregations wish to address to you the present message", p. 1; you add that "Our message is based among others on a survey done with all the congregation leaders throughout the country", p. 1; this same introduction is signed by you "In the name of my religious brothers and sisters...", p. 2). It's more of an editorial by some members of the CRC who abuse the trust granted to them by the members. Who are these people? The members of the General Assembly of the CRC? The members of the Board of Directors of the CRC? The President alone? As far as I'm concerned, the Dominican authorities confirmed to me that they had answered a survey, but they also told me they never received the results, nor did they consent to the publication of the final document.

Reading your document gives me the impression that you're fighting an old battle by taking up again some questions that have been settled in a clear and definitive way by the Magisterium, whether on a doctrinal or disciplinary level: women's ordination, contraception, same-sex marriage, group absolution, assisted suicide. You return in a mythical way to the Vatican II Council and speak of the spirit of the council to justify your re-opening of these questions. As Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in his book "Entretien sur la foi» (p. 36-37) this so-called spirit of the council is rather an anti-spirit. Once again I do not recognize my positions in all of your bitter complaints ("récriminations" in French).

François Pouliot, O.P.
Couvent Saint-Dominique
175, Grande Allée Ouest
Québec (Qc)

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