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Open Letter To The Two New Bishops Of The Quebec Diocese

Crucifixion, by Daniel Mitsui.
Crucifixion, by Daniel Mitsui (www.danielmitsui.com)

Sillery, Saturday June 11, 2005.

Mons. Pierre-André FOURNIER and Mons. Gilles LEMAY
Chancery Office
Diocese of Quebec
1073, bl. René Lévesque
Sillery (Québec)
G1S 4R5


First of all, congratulations for your episcopal ordination. I pray for you, that your apostolate in the Diocese of Quebec might be as fruitful as that of the first Apostles, of whom you are the successors.

Here is my question:

Could you scrutinize a few theological and philosophical texts on my web site ( www.jesus-eucharistie.org or www.inquisition.ca), in order to ensure they don't contain any doctrinal or moral errors, to then grant them your "Imprimatur"?

Ideally, you'd have plenty of spare time, and you could examine all the contents of my web site! But let's be realistic. The minimum would be the texts I want to distribute (physically, using paper hard copies) in the churches of the Diocese, in the high schools, in the colleges, etc. Here are a few examples:

Christ, Hostie, Tabernacle (to encourage young French-Canadians to stop swearing)
The Philosopher's Glove (to encourage people to study Philosophy)
Overview of the "Redemptionis Sacramentum" Instruction (Liturgical norms)
The Catholic Church and Sex-Voodoo (polemic against anti-Catholic media)
Etc., etc.

I've already made this request to Monsignor Jean-Pierre Blais, but he must be too busy. I don't want to distribute these documents in churches without ecclesiastical approval either (see the Code of Canon Law, Canon #827, § 4):

Books or other writings dealing with questions of religion or morals cannot be exhibited, sold, or distributed in churches or oratories unless they have been published with the permission of competent ecclesiastical authority or approved by it subsequently. (my emphasis)

With the assurance of my filial prayers,

Stefan Jetchick


On September 6, 2006, I once again sent this letter to both Bishops, but this time I delived them myself, and Mons. Fournier just happened to be walking by the reception at that moment, so he got it straight from my hands (he was holding a copy of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church he had just purchased, for which I congratulated him).

I just added the following paragraphs to the original letter:

"I just wanted to re-send the letter I sent you electronically on June 11 2005 (for which I never got an answer). I therefore repeat the request I had made at the time.

I'm also including in this letter a copy of a leaflet I'd like to distribute at the back of churches after Sunday Mass. (Please, if you see any French mistakes, tell me! And of course, all your suggestions are welcome!)

Of course, I'd like to get the Imprimatur for all these documents (or have someone tell me what to correct so I can get it). If I don't get an answer, I imagine that will mean that you consent to the distribution of these leaflets in the Quebec Diocese."

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