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A reading list for the members of the Army of Mary

Marie-Paule Gigučre.
Marie-Paule Gigučre.

Note: For the other side of the story, see the official web site for the Army of Mary at www.communaute-dame.qc.ca

You can also see my correspondance with members of the Army of Mary (all French only, exept for Mr. Dallaire): Mr. Daniel Couture, Mr. Glen Dallaire, Mr. Alain Devaux, Mrs. Sylvie Payeur-Renaud, Miss Constance Carrier.

If you're a member of the Army of Mary (or "Community of the Lady of All Peoples"), I suggest you read the following texts, in their order of appearance, in order to avoid misunderstandings concerning this web site and it's position on the Army of Mary:

1) My opinions are only as good as my sources of information. Read "Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Sources Of Information!".

2) I clearly and firmly condemn the Popular Church of Quebec. In the Province of Quebec these days, the Catholic Church is in a state of barely camouflaged schism. I totally agree with the Army of Mary concerning the silliness of the Popular Church of Quebec. See a whole series of texts about this, like "The Object Of Ridicule, And The Cause Of Mirth", "Enough Is Enough!", "Holy, Holy, Holy, the Dialogue", etc.

3) As opposed to some Bishops, I have no qualms about approving and defending the Army of Mary on certain points. See "My Comments on the Pastoral Message Concerning The Army Of Mary".

4) Neither you, nor me, nor the Army of Mary has the authority of deciding who is a Catholic. See "Who is the General of the Army of Mary?".

5) The Army of Mary teaches heretical doctrines. See "Pastoral Message Concerning The Army Of Mary".

6) Members of the Army of Mary are victims of their gullibility. See "The Blessed Virgin Mary, and Sad Gullibility".

7) The Army of Mary is a religious sect. It is absolutely not a part of the Catholic Church. All members are excommunicated latae sententiae. See the official "Declaration regarding the movement 'The Community of the Lady of all nations'; and its works: 'The Army of Mary', 'The family and communities of the sons and daughters of Mary', 'Les Oblats-patriotes', 'L'institut Marialis'", by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 2007-July-11.

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