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Scraping Statues or Saving Souls?

Claude Monet. Flowers and Fruits.
(Claude Monet. Flowers and Fruits. [Source])

Dear François,

I just want to put in writing what we spoke about over breakfast yesterday, to make things clearer and easier to remember.

You and I both know how bad things are in the Catholic Church here in the Province of Quebec. Before having breakfast together, we attended a Mass where the Priest (Florent Bourgault at the Most Holy Sacrament church) was not even able to follow the Liturgy (including the words of the Consecration), and where he probably once again insinuated some heresies during his homily (I wouldn't know for sure, since these days I leave and say my Rosary during that time). And we were attending Mass there, because it is one of the best Parishes in Quebec City!

We spoke about your efforts at the Saint-Michel-de-Sillery Parish. I still claim your efforts are wasted, since any edifying you do at one kilometer an hour, the Parish Priest will destroy at a hundred kilometers an hour. While you try to convince a few people here and there that the Pope is actually right, he destroys the Faith by the church-full, with mock Marriages and mock Baptisms. While you scrape old paint off, to try to rejuvenate the statues in front of the church, he slits Catholic throats, to advance the Protestant and Atheist agendas of the Popular Church of Quebec.

I even had the insolence of accusing you of cooperating with him at least a little bit. If you, a good Catholic, can donate time to that Parish, that means you agree with what is done in that Parish. If that Parish Priest is destroying the Faith, and meanwhile you are dusting the works of art and scraping the statues, you are sending a message: "This is a good Parish! I approve it!"

In a way, the sight of you scraping those statues of the Holy Canadian Martyrs is a metaphor for the whole situation in the Province of Quebec. Think about it! Those statues you are scraping, why were they sculpted? Why did people pay good money to have those statues made, and why did they put them smack in front of a Catholic Church? So people would remember the Martyrs! So people would remember that Jesus Christ is worth defending, even unto death!

Those statues represent real men who are still alive today. Those Holy Canadian Martyrs are there in Heaven, and they intercede for us! I bet if you sent them an e-mail and asked them for their opinion, they'd say something like:

"Come on Frank, stop fixating on the peeling paint, and start preaching the truth! Don't stare down at our statues, look up to us here in Heaven! Drop the stupid scraper, and pick up some Catholic pamphlets! You're in front of a church already! Just walk up those stairs, stand at the entrance, and hand out some pamphlets warning the churchgoers just how bad things are in this Parish! And if some frail little old lady says something nasty to you, think about what we suffered for the Faith!"

I'm bringing a box of them. See you next Sunday at the church entrance.

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