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A Development Question For My Peace Of Conscience

Development and Peace Canada (CCODP).
Development and Peace Canada (CCODP).

1) Introduction

A few days ago, I heard a rumor according to which Development and Peace (CCODP) gives funds to pro-abortion groups. If you don't understand the seriousness of this accusation, you're missing two pieces of information. First, the Catholic Church teaches ex cathedra that any direct abortion is "an abominable crime", a crime She punishes by automatic excommunication [EV, #58; Canon 1398].

Second, Development and Peace says it's "the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada", their official flyers are (as far as I know) in all churches, and this very Sunday at Mass near my place there was publicity for their annual Lent collection.

If the rumor were true, Canadian Catholics would encourage abominable crimes, by giving to collections intended for Development and Peace! But is this rumor true?

2) A few pro-life accusations

The main article seems to be this one:

Funding of Pro-Abortion Groups 2009/10 (Updated October 30, 2010)

A few articles which add some information:

Hundreds of Thousands in Canadian Lent Collection Money Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Mexico CCODP Director of International Programs admits "We don't have a policy for or against" abortion (2009-March-11)

Canadian Bishops' "Development and Peace" Supporting Two Pro-Abortion Organizations in Haiti (2009-March-30)

Canadian Catholic "Development and Peace" Funding Two Abortion Advocacy Groups in Brazil (2009-March-26)

Development and Peace Also Supporting Pro-Abortion Group in Bolivia: National Catholic Register (2009-March-18)

3) The official reaction of Development and Peace

The official rebuttal of Development and Peace on their web site seems to be:

Development and Peace affirms its adherence to Catholic Social Teaching in a letter to the Canadian Catholic Bishops (2009-March-20),
(Original source, broken as of 2015-March-20)

The "rebuttal of the rebuttal" seems to be:

LifeSiteNews' Detailed Response to Canadian Bishops' Whitewash Report on Development and Peace

4) Who speaks truly?

The long way to decide who speaks truly would be to learn Spanish, go to Mexico, interview the leaders of all these groups, carefully document their answers by transcripts and videos, but also to examine their web sites, the documentation they hand out, the activities they support. Then, we'd need to obtain our accounting diploma, carefully examine the financial reports of these groups and of Development and Peace to see if there's a financial connection, without forgetting the interviews granted also to the leaders of Development and Peace, etc.

Personally, I don't think this process is necessary. First, for roughly the past 40 years, almost all the Canadian Prime Ministers have been pro-abortion and pro-sodomy, while bragging about being "Catholics", and the Canadian Bishops have never really bothered them. How can a little organization that depends on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops be blamed for not being a brave pro-life warrior?

Second, Canadian Bishops in 1968 by and large declared a schism with the Catholic Church, a schism they've never publicly admitted or recanted. If the Bishops have a doctrinal beam in the eye, why look for straws elsewhere?

Third, representatives of Development and Peace handed out postcards in my church a few months ago, to ask us to sign a petition, but also to write to our Prime Minister and to personally meet with our Member of Parliament. Even the Parish Priest insisted for us to help them. I had never seen such an official process, so well organized and funded, and on top of that inside a church, during Sunday Mass, and all this for such a clearly political action.

Is this a campaign to denounce Canadian laws which currently allow anybody to kill any pre-born child for any reason, from conception until the baby's left foot leaves the birth canal? Of course not! It's to encourage the Governement to "develop legal mechanisms to hold Canadian mining companies accountable for their actions abroad" [Petition to hold Canadian mining companies accountable for their actions abroad]

Of course, I have nothing against worker's rights, whether Foreign or Canadian. But what's the use of the right to decent working conditions, if the worker can be legally assassinated? The right to life is the most fundamental right, and it's violated right here in Canada.

And what does Development and Peace do about it? Search for the word "abortion" on their whole web site:

Search results for the word «abortion» on the CCODP web site.
Search results for the word «abortion» on the CCODP web site (2009-March-24)

Only two hits, and very recent. It's their reaction to try to claim they don't help pro-abortion groups!

5) Conclusion

I'd have an essay-type, a.k.a. development question for the peace of my conscience, that I'd really like to ask to the leaders of Development and Peace (and to the corrupt Bishops who support them):

When are you going to apply against abortion here in Canada, your excellent campaign model which you currently use against Canadian mining companies abroad? Please notify me when you do. I'll then be able to resume giving to your collections.

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