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Some Good Philosophy Hyperlinks

Note: By and large, I'm currently not satisfied with these links. If you have any improvements to suggest, please tell me.

Sites related to Saint Thomas Aquinas

Sanctus Thomae de Aquino Opera Omnia

All of Saint Thomas's works at the Department of Philosphy, University of Navarra, Spain. Latin only.

Ite ad Thomam Institute

Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo.

Grand portail de saint Thomas d'Aquin (Guy Delaporte, French only)

Good site in French on saint Thomas. Contains a lot of information (but the site is a bit hard to use too).

Le Docteur Angélique (Arnaud Dumouch, French only)

If you can help, please contact Mr. Dumouch: "Our endeavor is to put on the Internet all of the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas, but in French. I would need people skilled in English, in Spanish, and especially Latin teachers who are retired or who have some spare time (or perhaps a retired priest in your Diocese)".

"The Thomist" Magazine

(I don't know if it's good, I haven't tried it yet)

Revue thomiste (French only)

(I don't know if it's good, I haven't tried it yet)

General Philosophy Sites

EpistemeLinks.com (Thomas Ryan Stone)

A large directory of about everything on the Internet that is related to Philosophy, without attempting a qualitative selection. Caveat Emptor!

American Catholic Philosophical Association

Acta Philosophica (mostly Italian, but also English, French, etc. Another proof we need Latin!)

(I don't know if it's good, I haven't tried it yet)

Other sites

Society for Aristotelian Studies (Warren Murray)

John Lamont (Catholic Philosopher and Theologian; excellent)

Jacques Maritain Center (Notre-Dame University, USA)

John Haldane personal site (prof at St-Andrews, UK)

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