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Introduction To The Digitized Books Section

First, I try as far as possible to respect other people's intellectual property. As far as I know, the digitized books on my site are copyright free. Exceptions are translations of the Bible, of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, of the Summa Theologica, etc. In my defense, I mention on each page the copyright holder, and my web site is not-for-profit. If you're still really cross, please tell me.

Second, the primary mission of this web site isn't to be a warehouse of digitized books. There are numerous web sites which already do this.

On the other hand, I prefer that some books be here. Why? There are many reasons, but the main one is that these are my tools for work, and that the Internet isn't perfect. Were the Internet perfect, I'd never be disconnected, and other web sites would never be poorly programmed. Therefore, I'd never need local copies. In other words, these are the books I'd like to have with me, if I were to end up alone on a desert island.

There are many secondary reasons, like:

- Some books could not be found, either on the Internet or in bookstores, before I digitized them myself (like Thonnard).

- I really like to put hyperlinks to my references, but there are many digitized books which don't have HTML anchor tags allowing this.

- When I read a book, I want to concentrate on its content. I don't want to see distracting gadgets, ads, complex web programming, etc.

- I still dream of learning Latin. Having the same books in English and in Latin makes learning easier.

- Etc.

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