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"Job Offer" For An Illustrator


As of 2007-December-19, I only have enough money to pay for the three currently pending contracts. I've therefore stopped looking for new artists. Sorry!

I nevertheless wish you success in your artistic career, even if I can't be your patron for the time being. On the other hand, I can suggest some interesting reading for artists!

1) Introduction

I'm always looking for illustrators (or "artists", or "graphists", or "painters", etc., I'm not sure of the term), to make drawings for my web site. (Ideally, I'd be a millionaire art-loving patron, and I'd have a whole team of artists to adorn my web site!)

I have little money, so it would be "à la pièce", in other words I'd offer a sum of money (for example 100$ CAN), a written description of the drawing I want, you'd send me the drawing and I'd send you the check.

2) What style of illustrations?

Rough idea of the style of illustration I'm looking for
Rough idea of the style of illustration I'm looking for

I don't know exactly how to describe the kind of illustrations I want. For me, a "drawing" is like one or two "boxes" of a comic strip. The "style" I want is nothing more complicated than what can be found in black and white comic strips in the daily newspapers. Another reason to stick with simple black and white drawings is that they are easier to put in a philosophy textbook (color is very expensive). I also want drawings that focus on human persons doing everyday activities.

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of this offer?

What are the advantages of this offer? First of all, I pay! Second, I would make one web page, in English and in French, with your contact information (and your picture, your service offer, etc., according to your wishes), and each one of your drawings would have a hyperlink to this web page. Of course, you keep the intellectual property of your drawings (but you grant me permission of using them on my web site, and the derived products of my web site).

Now as a Catholic, I have to tell the truth [Ex 20:16], so there are disadvantages to this offer. First, it's not a full-time job. I don't have a lot of money, so at best it's a few free-lance contracts now and then. Second, my web site is dedicated to saying all the things people don't want to hear, so associating your name with my web site might be the kiss of death for your career. (We live in a very anti-Catholic society, so being associated with a very pro-Catholic web site will not endear you to potential employers. On the other hand, it will endear you to God!)

4) Transmitting wisdom through fine arts

In my opinion, the most important reason for accepting this offer, is that it would permit you to contribute to the edification of your fellow citizens. Indeed, our civilization is seriously threatened by a lack of wisdom. But, there's no use having a large supply of wisdom, if it's inaccessible. True fine arts (of which drawing is a part) are a way of disposing people to eternal truths. In other words, a way of making wisdom accessible to our eyes, our ears, our hands, etc.

Here's a concret example: How many will have understood the preceding paragraph? Now let's suppose we put a drawing at the very top of this page. This drawing would have two comic strip "boxes". In the first box, a teenager (with punk hairdo and an earring in the nose) is in front of a table where there are many cans, labelled "Wisdom". The poor teenager is breaking his teeth trying to bite through the tin can.

In the next box, a nice old man equipped with a big can opener (on which is written "fine arts") opens the tin cans and helps the smiling teenager eat (who now has normal hair and no earring). There, in two drawings, you've summarized and made accessible a complex idea, and made it easier to read this job offer!

5) Conclusion

If you're interested, please contact me. The "work dispatch page" for these contracts is here: Some Drawings To Help Teach Philosophy. (But don't start drawing until you've contacted me, to avoid wasting your time drawing the wrong thing.)

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