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Recent Additions In 2023


Minor changes:
Because unfortunately Trump is trying to get himself elected again, I tried to refresh a bit Right-Wing Christians Against Trump's Sins


Minor changes:
Tried to put "https://" everywhere when referring to my web site, because I was told Google Chrome refused to load my web site otherwise. Also tried fiddling with the settings on my server so it would automatically convert.


Minor changes:
Added two short paragraphs at the beginning of the 2nd and then end of the 3rd Prepareful Mystery.
To make it easier for me to memorize, numbered and sorted in alphabetical order (except the first line and the last two) the Latin version of the Oratio Universalis.


My web site statistics seem to indicate that most of the visitors to my site come for the Bible, the catechism, Thonnard, etc., and not for my articles. Since my articles don't seem very important here, I imagine minor articles, written by other authors, must be even less important here. So I decided to remove:
Catholicism, And The Grace Of Ordinary Life (by Richard Bastien)
How to Change the World; Political Prisoners in the Womb (by John Mallon)
Blessed Are The Peacemakers; Diversity, Opinions, and Absolute Truth (by Douglas McManaman)
A Sicilian Lesson In The Complex Bond Between Bishops And Saints (by John L. Allen Jr.)
Time To Go (by Brian Saint-Paul)
Ontario Catholic Bishops To Be Scolded By Pope? Some Hope So (by Steve Jalsevac and Hilary White)
From Political Correctness to Catholic Correctness (by Gilles Baribeau)


Minor changes:
Added my act of contrition after the conclusion of Mr. Bean Tries To Get Elected.


Minor changes:
A good buddy of mine (Paul "Swami") made me notice I had forgotten the accents in the beautiful Latin prayer Oratio Universalis. (They are important for Gregorian Chant; No, I have not yet found a musical score for this prayer, sorry.)


Minor changes:
Added an addition to Section 7, starting at "Critical Race Theory is only one of many applications for Critical Theory." (See entry for 2023-March-23).


Minor changes:
Added Section 7 ("Critical Race Theory") to DIE! DIE! DIE! (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity)


DIE! DIE! DIE! (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity)


Minor changes:
Repeated appropriate image with Bible quote at the beginning of Section 3 of The World Needs A New Catholic Political Party


Minor changes:
A few changes to How to Chase People Away From Jesus By Hugging Your Fridge (replaced "Lost Sermons" by "Love Tubes" in §4.16; pointed toward Tanqueray in §4.3, etc.)


Minor changes:
I finally finished re-reading (and fixing some small typos) of the Overview of Philosophy


Minor change: Added small disclaimer to Vigaṇ Section


Correspondence with Mister X39 (student at the Montreal Seminary)

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