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The Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association


On Sunday July 3, 2016, in Toronto, the famous and courageous Mr. Bill Whatcott organized an infiltration operation of the Toronto "gay pride" parade (the biggest in North America, with about a quarter of a million participants), in order to hand out flyers containing Biblical, medical and sociological truths about the harms of "homosexuality". (Bill handed out his flyers, but I didn't. I handed out my own flyers.)

I never would have had the imagination to dream up such an operation, nor the courage to do it by myself, but Mr. Whatcott has an infectuous enthousiasm, and he explains well the nobility and importance of our mission of preaching the Gospel especially to the people who most need it.

Here is his article which describes part of our adventures: Whatcott Christian Commandos infiltrate Toronto Shame Parade.

A few videos of the event (sorry, I'm learning my trade as a cameraman!)

The «landscape» I saw during the whole parade.
The "landscape" I saw during the whole parade.

Truth warriors handing out «Zombie Safe Sex» packages.
Truth warriors handing out "Zombie Safe Sex" packages.

Short selfie of Stefan during the parade.
Short "selfie" of Stefan during the parade.

I can be seen on a few pictures (I'm the tallest one, with the zombie glasses, but unfortunately we can't really see my beautiful rainbow tutu!).

2) Other documents related to the Gay Zombies

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