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If I Had Any Courage,
I'd Go Demonstrate Against The Pseudo-Pandemic

SJJ pretending to be a courageous Christian.

I am fully in favor of public health, the protection of people vulnerable to viruses, compliance with the law and obedience to good government directives. Moreover, I don't claim the Covid-19 virus doesn't exist, or that real pandemics cannot happen, etc.

That being said, the more I read about this whole Chinese Plague affair, and the more I observe the various governments (whether the different levels of government in Canada, or those in the USA, France, England, etc.), the more I worry about our civil rights and fundamental freedoms. So far, the only corpses I see on the streets are the corpses of our Constitutions...

At least one group in Canada is trying to resist by organizing a Rally for Canada:

Rally for Canada! by Action4Canada.com.
Rally for Canada! by Action4Canada.com

Also, from what I can understand, there is a group here in the Province of Quebec that is also trying to resist the onslaught of tyranny: the Foundation for the Defense of People's Rights and Freedoms

Foundation for the Defense of People's Rights and Freedoms.
Foundation for the Defense of People's Rights and Freedoms.

I feel guilty for not helping them enough, as well as any other group of citizens who are peacefully and legally trying to resist. If you have any other information about such resistance groups, or if you have more courage than me and want to drag me into doing something patriotic, please Contact me!

To punish and enslave.
"To punish and enslave".

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