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Some Good Hyperlinks For The Kit

For a hyperlink to be added here, I need to have purchased something there which I like and need for my Kit. (Or if it's a web site that just supplies information, there needs to be some information on that site I would need to re-build my Kit.) In each category, I try to sort by decreasing order of importance.

1) Outdoor equipment

- MEC or Mountain Equipment Co-op (Outdoor equipment.)
- Braun's is bicycles (Canadian distributor for Montague.)
- Jenson USA (Bicycle parts. In the USA, but excellent service for Canada.)
- Radical Designs (Ball joint for bike trailer.)
- Meal Kit Supply (For ready-to-eat food, i.e. MRE's.)
- Fenix Tactical (Flashlights)
- Scepter (Jerrycans for water)
- 4 Wheel Parts (Canadian distributor for Scepter)
- North American Rescue (Military style first aid kits.)
- CTOMS (Canadian distributor for NARescue)
- Israeli First Aid (Israeli Emergency Bandages)
- Surplus St-Gilles (Global Army Surplus) (Cargo pants)
- Latulippe (Distributor for Surplus St-Gilles.)
- Hilleberg (Expedition tents)
- CTS Cargo Tiedown (Cargo nets)
- Cabelas (Hunting and fishing.)
- Surplus Militaire Pont-Rouge (paracord)
- Reliance Products (Portable toilets, etc.)
- Campmor (Outdoor equipment)

2) Tools

- Canadian Tire (For ordinary tools.)
- Lee Valley (For a few specialized tools.)
- McMaster-Carr (General industrial supplier. They don't sell to individuals in Canada; you have to go through one of their industrial clients. I go through) Métaux Pressés du Québec.)
- David Clark (For Porta-Chapel Headphones.)
- Fisher Space Pen (Refills for ball-point pens.)
- Al Mar Knives (Folding knives.)
- The Cutlery Shoppe (Can ship Al Mar products to Canada.)
- Mora Knives (Inexpensive non-folding knives.)
- Canadian Outdoor Equipment (Canadian distributor for Mora.)
- Marathon Watch (Military watches.)
- Ebco (Folding table legs.)
- Jore (Hex shank screwdriver and bit-holder.)

3) Various

- Procure Ecclésiastique (Finger Rosary)
- Métaux Pressés du Québec (Machine shop; they built my generator extension, my hand truck/bicycle trailer, etc.)
- Bureau en gros (Staples) (Refills for Fisher Space Pen)
- Icebike (For winter cycling, with important tips like how to winterize your freehub.)
- Shelby Extreme Materials and Gear (Patterns and advice for outdoor cloths.)
- Sheldon Brown (General information about bicycles and how to fix them.)
- Specialty Outdoors (Outdoor clothing repair.)


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