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Recent Additions In 2021


Minor changes:
I'm now at paragraph 900 of the Overview of Mystic and Ascetic Theology (French only).


The Time For Lukewarm Christianity Is Over (by Andrew Torba)

Ann Barnhardt, always clear-sighted, notices the irrepressible tendency of Satan's underlings to canonize Judas:
VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY: God is SO GOOD that Antipope Bergoglio, the likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, is literally publicly devoted to JUDAS ISCARIOT

Minor changes:
Added 3x5 index cards to Beam Aphorisms
To describe two rather incompatible liturgical styles, anglophones say "happy-clappy" or "smells-and-bells". I tried to translate in French as "encens-clochant" or "applaudis-youpie".


I like the way Ann Barnhardt reminds us all of how bad Judas is, and how easy it is to be like Judas:
Spy Wednesday: What's YOUR Price?
Something else Barnhardt has been honking about for a long time, but from another source:
Dr Lawrie, Ivermectin video, Short Precis


Minor changes:
Sad end to the MEC's story
I'm now at paragraph 800 of the Overview of Mystic and Ascetic Theology (French only).


Minor changes:
Added conclusion to Beam Aphorisms


The most Major of Minor changes on my web site: added a tiny hyperlink to a very forgettable e-mail that was probably never read, but still, that hyperlink now points to a beautiful and essential passage in Tanquerey's book (which, God willing, I will add in English on this site someday): "GUNS don't kill people, MORTAL SIN kills people"


Minor changes:
Added Section 7 and corrected Section 9 accordingly in The Vaccine-Messiah And The Eternal Virus


Minor changes:
Added adjustable feet to the Therblig Tool Tower


The Vaccine-Messiah And The Eternal Virus

Minor changes:
Added a new section to the index page of Politics to gather my articles on Covid-19
Small updates to How To Digitize A Book (tried to explain again more clearly the difference between photographing a book, and digitizing it; reduced the importance of OCR; briefly mentioned the importance of styles; added a section on other formats)


Minor changes: I don't like changing filenames on this website, but broke my own rules for a few files:

Small Eulogy for Sister Marie-Claude Bouffard (I had made a big spanking French mistake in the filename...)
The Intellectual Life (the filenames were unecessarily long, and the subfolder "vie" was redundant since I only have one book by Sertillanges)
Short Overview of the History of Philosophy (here again filenames that were too long, like "h18_p0312a0336.htm" instead of simply "0312_0336.htm")
Short Overview of Philosophy (same reasons as above)


More good articles by Ann Barnhardt:
Antipope Bergoglio has banned Communion on the tongue globally. Tell me more about how he is TOTALLY the Pope and anyone who dares even ask questions about Pope Benedict's resignation are «insane conspiracy theorists who can't handle reality»
Barnhardt Axiom #2 Reminder for the «Little Guys»

Minor changes:
Modified Legal Consideration #9 to point toward most official version


Public Rosary tomorrow 3PM Sunday January 31 in front of the Quebec Provincial Parliament: "Let us unite our forces to obtain from Heaven the unconditional freedom of publicly celebrating and attending Mass!"
Attempted correspondence with Projet Quorum (Mood of the population during Covid-19; French only)

Minor changes:
Added quote from Saint Pius X in How To Choose A Good Book
Added picture of Sertillanges in The Intellectual Life

I continue to fear that Ann Barnhardt might be right:
Nurse Claire checks in: Big Pharma playing both $ide$ – they are now gunning to develop an ANTIDOTE to $ave you from the immune $y$tem over-reaction from the poi$on quaccine.
And I continue to like this article, especially during this planetary lockdown:
The Most Eco-Responsible Lifestyle


Continued digitization of the Overview of Mystic and Ascetic Theology (and good news: I realized today it has been translated into English, and found an MS-Word copy (rough, but usable); I'd need to put that on this web site also)


Added a small computer tip: How can "styles" give me God-powers?


Correspondence with Miss Constance Carrier (Army of Mary, French only)


Re-wrote the French version and translated into English Mulier Est Homo; Vir Est Homo (at first, this article only concerned the French language, but eventually I had to admit the underlying problems also existed for English, hence the re-writing and translation).
A few modifications to Legal Consideration #15 because it speaks of that article.
The English version of the Bible (mostly the New Testament) on this web site was larded with "human beings" and "people" and "human race" where the Nova Vulgata and the French version just had "men", so I tried to fix as many of them as I could.


Added at the very end of the article a picture of my brand new Security Goat, imported from the USA.


Small addition ("Despite my nothingness [...] and the good of souls") to the Prayer to try to convert my work into merits.


Beam Aphorisms
Started digitizing the Overview of Mystic and Ascetic Theology by Adolphe TANQUEREY (French only).

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