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Recent Additions In 2020


Added picture of "Anima".


Some Viral Thoughts On The Chinese Plague


Minor additions:
- added hilarious (and very true) image on climate change
- My Last Political Testament (for now anyway!)


Minor additions:

- added image on freedom of speech.
- added image on disarming the People.

Also, since at least 2020-January-06, I've noticed on my web site statistics that my anglophone articles almost don't get accessed anymore. After many long years where, day after day, anglophone web surfers accessed the same articles, boom, the stats fell to almost zero. But not for the francophone side. I suspect Google shadow-banning.


Follow-up and termination of correspondence with the "prophetess" Lucie Plouffe (www.maranathajesus.net; French only, but the very appropriate song at the end is in English! ;-)


My Mother's Rotten Cottage

Sheesh... wasted days and lots of money re-learning my own advice trying to fix a sewing machine.

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