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Recent Additions In 2019


Correspondence with Le Pacte pour la transition (Climate Change; French only)
Ann Barnhardt is uncovering some deeply weird stuff about Joseph Ratzinger: Thermonuclear Substantial Error


The Most Eco-Responsible Lifestyle


Added two important paragraphs at the end of Section 6 of Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See? (Satan's Ultimate Attack Plan; mini-inquisitions)


Correspondence with the Islamic Party Of Ontario
Non-Correspondence (he never answers) with Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


Correspondence with Jennifer Roback Morse (Bergoglian Red Herring)

Small improvements to the Water computer, following a spectacular spike in traffic (over thirteen thousand visits in two days) because of Hacker News (Changed the "OR-gate" implementation, repeated in several places that it was a digital computer (analog water computers are quite frequent), saved the diagrams in PNG and not in JPG for more clarity, etc.).


Correspondence with Father Mark Goring (The nature of religious obedience)


Minor additions:
Explained my "SJJ" e-mail signature.


Improved the last image of the article, but I re-read the whole thing with profit: Public Enemy #1: Religious Obscurantism
Added Post-Scriptum to Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See?
Added picture taken by an unfortunate patient


Correspondence with Marissa Groguhé (La Presse -- Pro-abortion propaganda; French only)

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