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Another Bureaucratic Calvary?
(Random P.A.L. Disactivations)


Table of contents

1) Original Message by S. Jetchick (2018-March-30)
2) First followup by S. Jetchick (2018-April-05)

1) Original Message by S. Jetchick (2018-March-30)

Dear fellow Canadian firearm owners,

I'm curious: has this ever happened to you? Has your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) ever been randomly disactivated?

Since I had just signed up for a two-day BlackBadge (IPSC) course, I needed [censored for the Internet]. So I ordered some from Cabela's Canada on 2018-March-15, but the Customer Support lady told me my PAL number was coming back "not valid" from the RCMP web site. "But I've had it for years, and I've never had a problem with it! And it only expires in 2020!" She tried again, still didn't work.

I therefore tried to go on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police web site (www.services.rcmp-grc.gc.ca) with my "GCKey User ID" and my "GCKey Password". No! It gave me an error message like "This User has been revoked"!

So I got on the phone and prepared to suffer Calvary again, and called the dreaded "800-731-4000" number, where you are whipped with voice menus, spit on with silly messages you are forced to listen to while you wait, and often crucified with "We are experiencing an unusually high call volume. Try later. CLICK!"

After several days (yes, days), I managed to reach a human person. She told me my PAL had been "disactivated randomly", and that they were going to send me additional forms to fill out, so my PAL could be "reactivated".

The lady repeated several times that this was normal, that this happens all the time, that they randomly select PALs, disactivate them, then send forms to those firearm owners, and that they only reactivate the PAL when the forms have been sent back and analysed and approved. She told me there was nothing special in my file.

Since we are always warned at the beginning of each phone call that "your conversation could be recorded", I taped these conversations. Just ask me and I'll send them to you. I can also send the forms they sent me.

The forms are basically a "full cavity search":

- A form whereby I sign consent that: "information on my medical record, my personality, my reliability, my school formation, my previous jobs and my solvency will be supplied to the Sûreté du Québec".

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of all family members (Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters, Wife, Ex-Wife, Ex-"spousal partners", children over 18).

- The names of all medical professionals currently treating me (since I'm pretty healthy, all I could find was the name of my family physican).

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of my two previous employers.

- All of the addresses where I have lived for the past five years.

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of two additional references, who are neither family members nor employers.

Since I'm a very obedient and law-abiding guy (I was leaving for Maundy Thursday Mass when I took the picture here above), my forms were filled out and sent back by registered mail two days after having received them, but I personally find this whole affair very weird.

Stefan Jetchick
[Usual contact info]

2) First followup by S. Jetchick (2018-April-05)

Logo Stasi.

Dear fellow Canadian firearm owners,

I informally contacted the following organisations about my situation: NFA, FQTir, Beauséjour, CRTVal.

Offhand reactions were very surprised. Nobody had ever heard of "random PAL disactivations", and many suspected (as myself) that something else was involved. When I told [somebody who prefers to remain anonymous] what my suspicion was, he agreed it was probably the cause (public criticism of certain official teachings of Islam). Here are my current thoughts:

Smoke detector.

1) Why should you care? Some sources knowedgeable about Canadian laws and the current state of our government estimate my chances of having my PAL revoked and cops show up at my front door to seize my firearms as above 50%. Knowing what is happening to fellow Canadian firearm owners is important, because you could be next.

2) Where can we buy a "Gun Confiscation Detector"? I don't know. I think you have to build one yourself, with the following two-part recipe:

- Find Snow White;
- Make her poke the tyrant in the eye!

Snow White.

The first part is obvious. If a terrorist has his guns seized by the police, we all cheer for the police! If a drug addict, or a suicidal alcoholic, or a mentally-unstable person has access to guns, something could go very wrong. We probably don't want cops crashing through their front doors, but we sure would want some professionals to kindly look into the situation.

To build a good "Gun Confiscation Detector", you need a "Snow White", somebody who has never taken any drugs, never been drunk, never had any mental illnesses, never done anything illegal, never made any threats to anybody, etc.

But that's not enough. This "Snow White" must be full of love for everybody, even her enemies. If "Snow White" says something negative, she will always make a very clear distinction between the bad behavior she hates (for example, drunk driving) and the person, whom she loves, engaging in that behavior (e.g. the alcoholic driving a car while having too little blood in his alcohol).

Sharia Law being poked in the eye by Snow White.

For the second part of the recipe, you need to do something that is both perfectly legal and profoundly annoying to tyrants. For example, poking Sharia Law in the eye is perfectly legal, because here in Canada, we are (supposed to be) governed by Canadian Laws, not Islamic Sharia Law. Canadian Laws forbid things like: pedophilia, wife-beating, killing people just because they are in a different religion than you, polygamy, etc. If you hand out flyers that speak out against books promoting such behaviors, you should not trigger the "Gun Confiscation Detector".

To guarantee your flyers are perfectly legal, you could have them pre-approved by the Canadian Minister of Justice, the Quebec Minister of Justice, the mayor of your town, your local Member of Parliament, the Member of Parliament responsible for the M-103 motion against "Islamophobia", the Canadian Armed Forces, all Canadian mosques, as many local journalists as you can reach, your local "catholic" Bishop, etc.

Some might claim this is "enticing hatred or prejudice against a recognizable group". But such an accusation is so vague, it can be used against anybody who speaks out against anything, no matter how charitably. For example, what if I see a Company dumping toxic chemicals in the St-Laurence River, chemicals so toxic that it kills the fish and causes horrible diseases to people downstream? If I speak out against this, will I be charged with "enticing hatred" toward the employees of that Company, and forced to shut up? (The possibilities for State censorship are endless!)

Does this "Gun Confiscation Detector" exist? Well, apart from being an old ugly guy and not a pretty young girl, I think yes.

3) What if you're the poor policeman assigned to knock on my door to confiscate my guns? Relax. My fight is not with you. I'm up against Justin Trudeau and his underlings. And even then, what I want from Justin (or one of his representatives) is a good debate, uncensored by the CBC.

Funerals for Policeman Yves Têtu.
Funerals for Policeman Yves Têtu.

I know good cops exist. Many years ago, I started my Infantry Officer's course with a nice guy called Yves Têtu. We did pushups together, shined boots and ironed shirts together, shot targets up with our FN-C1's together. He later on became a cop, a good cop, but he was killed by a bad cop. I have nothing against good cops. We need more of them.

The little song we sing before hockey games.

4) That little song we sing before Hockey games. Leftists hate the Canadian National Anthem, especially the French lyrics:

Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,
Il sait porter la Croix!
(Your arm knows how to bear the sword,
It knows how to bear the Cross!)

Those "swords" are not because our Founding Fathers were in favor of "Ballistic Masturbation". We don't own guns primarily to pleasure ourselves on the range, but because:

Ta valeur Protégera nos foyers et nos droits!
(Your valor Will protect our families and our rights!)

If Canadians can get their guns confiscated because they speak out against books that (apparently at least) promote pedophilia, wife-beating, killing "infidels", polygamy, etc., then we have a problem. If law-abiding citizens can get their guns confiscated because of secret files known only to the police, then we have a problem. If a Gun Confiscation Detector sounds the alarm, then you need to start singing that little song they sing before hockey games, but not while holding your hockey stick...

Trudeau the Red Tape Dispenser.

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