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Correspondence with Father Mark Goring, C.C.
(The nature of religious obedience)

Father Mark Goring, C.C.
Father Mark Goring, C.C.

Table of contents

1) "Cease and Desist" YouTube video (2019-jan-05)
2) S. Jetchick (2019-jan-07)

1) "Cease and Desist" YouTube video (2019-jan-05)

This is my partial transcript of a video called "Cease and Desist - Fr. Mark Goring, CC".

For context, Father Mark had been publishing short daily videos in which he had recently started to speak out against sodo-clericalism.

I was asked yesterday, by one of my legitimate
authorities, to cease and desist.


I am a man of obedience. You've asked me to cease
and desist, so I will cease and desist.


[Sister Faustina, quoting a vision of Jesus
speaking to her]: I don't demand mortification
from you, but obedience.


I promised before God to be obedient to my


Satan is the child of disobedience.


We do not hurt people.

Jesus told Peter: "Put your sword away". The Apostles,
they all died a martyr's death, except the beloved
disciple John. They didn't fight people physically;
they loved people, and they shed their blood for people.
The martyrs of the Church, the early martyrs, the
martyrs throughout the ages, they died out of love,
they layed their lives down, they didn't get into
violence. And so, let it be clear, on no uncertain
terms, we battle with love, OK?


I want to say to my Superiors, that from the beginning,
as I got into this whole situation in the Church, it was never my
intention to make your lives more difficult. As a matter
of fact, that was the thing that grieved me the most,
is to think that the wonderful people who are over me,
this is going to make things a bit difficult for them.
I love, honestly, I love my Superiors.


I want to say "I'm sorry" for any grief this has caused
you, I ask you to please forgive me.


I think I'm going to get back on my YouTube videos
simply on spirituality.

2) S. Jetchick (2019-jan-07)

[Sent message through their silly Contact Form, the
only thing I could find, around 11h23 today. Also, when I
unsubscribed from his daily video notifications, I was
asked why, so I pasted the link to this web page.]

Good day Father Goring,

I carefully listened to your "Cease and Desist" video.

Apparently, we both agree on many things. Actually,
I think we agree on everything, except the nature of
religious obedience. Your definition of religious
obedience seems un-Catholic and contaminated with the
heresy which could be called "anomism" (which is VERY
popular these days, infecting even the Vatican).

Anomism, from the Greek "A-" meaning "absence of" and
"Nomos" meaning "law", is also known as "the whims of the
King ARE the law" (the contrary of "The Rule of Law").

Anomism is incompatible with: (a) the Catholic religion;
and (b) Common Sense.

Your religious Superior is himself bound by law. He has
a Constitution to obey (I'm taking the word "Constitution"
broadly here, meaning binding documents like the Catechism
of the Catholic Church, the Code of Canon Law, the
Rule of his religious order, etc.). If your Superior
gives you an order to "cease and desist", you should ask him
"cease and desist from what exactly?"

You cannot cease and desist from preaching the Gospel,
and you cannot cease and desist from defending the
victims of sexual predators. You have the duty, as a
heman and as a pastor, to defend those who cannot defend

There is a typo (at least one) in the current edition
of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They keep adding
the word "civil" where it should be written "human":

	"The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the
	directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the
	demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of
	persons or the teachings of the Gospel."
	[Source: Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2242]

You say: "Satan is the child of disobedience." Do you
know when was the last time I heard something like that?
I was just outside the building of the Legionaries of
Christ, in Cheshire, Connecticut, about 31 years ago.
My Superior was gently chiding me for wanting to leave,
saying that "obedience was the most important virtue".
I replied: "But what if Satan gave you an order?" He
didn't reply, and just let me go.

Surprise, surprise, many years later I learnt that the
Legionaries were just a big machine to extract money
and fresh young bodies to feed sexual predators.

You also say some nice things about martyrs and love
and how bad violence is. But violence is defined as
excessive force. Justified force is not violence.
Even the Catholic Church says striking someone
hard enough to kill them might not be violence. The
Church is not against legitimate defense. One
quote among many other possible ones:

	Legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave
	duty for someone responsible for another's life.
	Preserving the common good requires rendering the
	unjust aggressor unable to inflict harm.
	[Source: Catechism of the Catholic Church,
	2263-2266, my emphasis]

Finally, you announce your intention to "get back [...]
simply on spirituality". What? Defending the truth
and speaking out against crimes is not being spiritual?
What is this "spirituality" thing that is disconnected
from Justice? Since when is Quietism not a heresy in
the Catholic religion?

I am deeply saddened by your lack of virility. As a
Priest, you have the duty to lay your life down to protect
your flock. And we're not even talking about standing
your ground unto death here, we're talking about asking
your Superiors to clarify their orders. Capitulating
so quickly is, well, faggoty.

In Christ,


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